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Magic Kingdom was the first Walt Disney World theme park, opened in 1971 and it still is the most famous park in the resort. The symbol characterizing it is Cinderella Castle, huge and full of colors. It is based on the entertainments and attractions of California Disneyland. Magic Kingdom is “the most magical place on Earth" The park is organized in seven areas located around the castle. These areas are: Main Street, Adventureland, Frontierland, Liberty Square, Tomorrowland, Fantasyland and Mickey’s Toontown Fair.

Main Street:

This area depicts the ideal American city and it is based on the city where Walt Disney grew up. Thus, it looks like a small city from the beginning of the twentieth century. It has shops, a main square, an old-fashioned movie theater, a railroad and restaurants. The railroad is an original 1928 steam train and its route lasts approximately 20 minutes, having different stops in Main Street, Frontierland and Toontown. The old-fashioned movie theater is a great attraction, since old Mickey Mouse cartoons are always shown there. Traveling on old-fashioned transportations is possible, such as carriages, buses or fire engines. All kinds of souvenirs can be bought in the stores, included the famous Mickey ears hair band.

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This park area was created to show the exploration of faraway lands. That is why places such as Asia, Africa, Middle East, South Pacific and South America are shown. Main attractions here are:

Disney Magic KingdomJungle Cruise:

a classic attraction, a boat trip around South Eastern Asia and Amazon forest, during ten minutes. Animatronics animals are found during the trip.

Walt Disney Magic KingdomPirates of the Caribbean:

another classic attraction in the area; it is also a boat trip lasting ten minutes, where all kinds of pirate scenes are lived. The movie of the same name was based on this attraction.

Kingdom of magicThe Magic Carpets of Aladdin:

these are carpets that are raised and can be driven in different directions. The ride is really unforgettable and leads us to Aladdin Eastern atmosphere.

Disney theme parksSwiss Family Treehouse:

this tree house is based on the movie Swiss Family Robinson and it is really funny because it requires dynamism.


This park area is intended to recreate life on the Far West, with its Indians, cowboys and also explorations around United States rivers. Main attractions are:

discountBig Thunder Mountain Railroad:

it is one of the most famous attractions of this theme park, it is a trip on a roller coaster shaped as mining train, which gets great speed and goes around mountains.

cheapSplash Mountain:

this is another one of the most famous attractions in Magic Kingdom. It is a trip inside a mountain, ending on a fall through a waterfall. The attraction is based on the stories of a famous rabbit, Brer Rabbit and the movie Song of the South.

informationTom Sawyer Island:

this is another popular attraction of the park; it is an island reached by boat, where cave and fort explorations are carried out.

pricesCountry Bear Jamboree:

it is a show where natural-size bears created as animatronics toy animals sing and dance with the audience.

Liberty Square:

This area of Magic Kingdom depicts a city typical of United States Independence Revolution. Some of the main attractions you can enjoy here are:

Disney World Magic KingdomHall of Presidents:

this attraction tells the story of United States presidents through animatronics versions of each of them, from George Washington to George Bush.

Magic KingdomHaunted Mansion:

this is one of the most famous attractions in Magic Kingdom. It is a sinister ride around the rooms of this house, both on foot and on a cart. Darkness and the different experiences instill fear and excitement in all visitors.

Walt Disney World theme parkRiverboat:

this trip on the Liberty Belle ship around American rivers is an attraction existing since Magic Kingdom was opened.


This Magic Kingdom area is intended to represent technological advances related to space conquer; thus, it is shown as a future space harbor. The best entertainments here are:

Magic KingdomSpace Mountain:

it is one of Magic Kingdom main attractions. It is a roller coaster running at great speed in the darkness to simulate a rocket journey through space.

theme parksAstro Orbiter:

this journey is a rocket flight like Dumbo´s journey, to get a great Disney view.

Disney WorldCarousel of Progress:

this carousel was an entertainment devised by Walt Disney himself in 1964 for New York World’s Fair. While the carousel goes around, changes in lifestyle throughout the twentieth century are shown, and many other things.

Walt Disney WorldTomorrowland Transit Authority:

it is a transportation offering a quiet journey around Tomorrowland.


Fantasyland is an area having a medieval carnival style, where dreams are worshiped. Here, you and your family will be able to find most loved Disney characters. Most famous attractions are:

Walt Disney World ResortDumbo:

it is a journey allowing visitors to fly on elephant-shaped vehicles, driving it using a handle.

Disney Magic KingdomMickey’s PhilharMagic:

it is a three-dimensional movie shown on a giant screen, with the characters Mickey and Donald.

Walt Disney Magic KingdomFairy Tale Garden:

this is an outdoor show carried out by two great Disney characters, Beauty and the Beast.

Kingdom of magicMad Tea Party:

this game is composed of giant tea-cups where visitors sit down; they revolve all the time, as in the movie Alice in Wonderland.

Disney theme parksPeter Pan’s Flight:

it is an unforgettable journey allowing people to fly like Peter Pan on a pirate ship over London and towards Neverland. During the journey, Peter Pan scenes are shown: lost children, Captain Hook, Tinker Bell, mermaids, etc.

Mickey’s Toontown Fair:

This Magic Kingdom area is exclusively devoted to Mickey, Minnie and Donald. We show you the most famous attractions you cannot miss:

discountMickey’s Country House:

it is a journey around the famous mouse’s country house and each of its rooms. Besides, there are toys for the younger children to play.

cheapMinnie’s Country House:

as well as in the previous case, it is a journey around Minnie’s house and its rooms. Children have toys to play with.

informationDonald’s Boat:

this attraction is Donald’s boat where the younger children can play and cool off, since there are water fountains. A good duck’s dip is always funny!

pricesJudge’s Tent:

this is the attraction where you can meet Mickey Mouse, so it is one of the most crowded ones. Everybody wants to see the famous mouse, host of the place, and this is the appropriate place to do so. Kids and grown-ups really want to take pictures with Mickey.

Disney World Magic Kingdom

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